Imagine the Possibilite


Welcome, Thank you for your interest

I have always been creative, both artisticly and with words. I have found this to be an important combination, especially when designing for the public. Words and the way language allows you to blur the spelling of words with sounds that are similar is almost the same way that art and computer design allow an inventive mind to blur the concept of reality.
Phantazm with a Z is one such play on words. The internet definition of phantasm (the way it's supposed to be spelled) is: an illusion, a product of fantasy, a mental representation of a real object.
What better way to characterize an artistic endeavor.

Zoë, the kitten that appears on some of these pages was born to a female cat I rescued. She was born with only one eye and being a soft hearted human I felt very sorry for her, having this seemingly dreadful handicap. Zoë, being blissfully ignorant of her shortcomings has taught me to imagine the possibilities in any situation. She never hesitates to try new things or to push the boundaries of her present abilities